Eight Inches

July 26, 2012

Eight inches. Get out your ruler and measure it – that’s what I did.

Let me tell you, eight inches is not always easy to maneuver. Oh, you can get down on it alright – it’s getting back up without putting your back out that is the challenge. I’ve actually become fairly pro at it all and in fact, feel almost proud that I no longer look for a bar to grasp to pull myself back up to standing. My balance has greatly improved and my glutes have certainly toned up somewhat – although yesterday I almost pulled a muscle as I  had to lean back into a 45 degree angle, while in a semi-squat, to zip up my zipper.

When you work in childcare, sometimes using the bathroom  is an adventure (and I am speaking strictly about myself – never mind what else goes on in there) due to the child-sized toilets that are often installed in the workplace.  Now – it’s not a problem when your entire height is about 4 ft – Let’s face it, you don’t have that far down to go. But for those of us over the age of five, it can be a struggle. Of course, there is one adult-sized facility – but with a dozen co-workers and all that coffee, who has time to line up? I remember the first time I used one of the teeny toilets, I had to ask a co-worker to stand by in the hall…in case I couldn’t get back  up and needed her to call the fire department to bring in the Jaws of Life. Then, once I gained both the competence and confidence – I simply had to measure it to satisfy my curiosity. Eight inches – that’s how high it is off the floor. I dare you to squat down that low and get back up – no hands!

Every once in a while, I’m in there and can feel how ridiculous I must look and I start to giggle.  Of course,that  only makes the whole zipper-pulling-getting-up-without-help thing, an Olympic sport.

Hmm – I just may forgo that second cup of coffee this morning….


2 Responses to “Eight Inches”

  1. Nadia Says:

    Lol! Arrrgh! I hear ya!

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    Funny. And then you go back to the tiny chairs and tables.

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