Married Fun

July 22, 2012

Like most people, I like to find treasure. Usually it comes in the form of something that someone is throwing away. Now, I can’t say that I prowl around in people’s’ garbage but on occasion I have come across some pretty nice finds – things that people were leaving out for trash. I’ve found a baby dresser, a vintage vanity with an unusual round mirror attached, and an old school desk – among other things. The problem is that you always see it at a time when you are not prepared to bring it home…but you do anyway and there’s always some sort of rigmarole involved.

Yesterday my husband and I spied a door…yes, a door. We need one for our laundry room and these vintage doors were perfect. There were three of them out on the curb, leaning against a huge tree with a “FREE” sign taped on them. We were about to take the one on top with its four lovely panes of glass, when my husband looked at the one behind it which had 12 panes in it – even better, to let all the light in.

Now, it’s an old door (aka heavy to lift) and of course, he needs my help to hoist it into the trunk. So there I am, standing in my white skirt (appropriately dressed for the occasion) waiting to help hoist it into the back of the vehicle  while  he is rummaging around in the back  pushing the car seats down and the thought that crosses my mind is;  “This is what you call –  married fun !”

Of course, it doesn’t quite fit properly,  kind of lays there on a downward angle  ready to slip out of the back at any moment –  not a great idea with all that glass. So we pull it back out and the only way to keep it secured is to slide it through the back window of the SUV. Again we lift it but I instantly see a problem –  those panes cannot rest on the back latch or the glass will – “tichhhhhh” – break….. Ok, well, it was only one pane of glass. We get into the car and start the slow drive down the street to our house and all I can think about is that this particular street has speed bumps! You guessed it – “tichhhhhh” – we lose another one. Now my husband is mumbling that he doesn’t even want the door anymore.

We make it home with our treasure, which (after cleaning up all the broken glass which fell inside the trunk) will go into the backyard to be stripped later that day. I’m now in the house with my youngest daughter and all the windows are open , as it’s summer and we hear another crash of glass as my husband carries the door around to the back and we both cry out “Oh no!” Fortunately – it was just the glass being dumped ceremoniously into the garbage can.

Nothing like a little married fun on a Saturday afternoon!



2 Responses to “Married Fun”

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    That’s our kind of married fun too.

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