Family Road Trip

July 8, 2012

A couple of weeks ago we decide to make a trip to my husband’s home for a family reunion of sorts – something we haven’t done in about 10 years.  The older kids are in college and university throughout the year and working during the summer which makes it tougher to plan a trip (thankfully our youngest is still on our schedule so she’s ready to fly at any time) so it’s been quite a while since our whole family went on vacation together. I was more than pleased to see that we had not lost the packing touch and everyone had the ability to pack their own bags this time (no diaper bags anymore!). My husband decided that we really should leave after work so that we would have the entire weekend. I wasn’t sold on this as it meant that we would be driving all night and arriving around midnight. I was out-voted, so I came home from work, packed my last couple of items and 4 of us hopped in the car to go downtown to pick up our oldest from work. By4:30 pm all five of us were strapped in and on our way…well, in traffic – but it was the a Friday of a long weekend. After about an hour  the kids decide that they are “s-t-arrrv-ing!” So we stop in the next town at some sub shop where we proceed to inhale our sandwiches in order to get back on the road and make good time. Twenty minutes later – my oldest is feeling sick and we need to stop somewhere – FAST!  We do…and we stay there for about an hour because he just doesn’t feel well enough to be in a moving car. So now I am scouring the are for a drug or grocery store so that I can get some Pepto Bismol….I see one on the other side of the lot. We drive over and in goes Mother Nurse to pick some up (yes…I remembered to get water). Ok – hour is up and we think we get back on the road. Another twenty minutes pass and now my youngest needs a bathroom break. Again we stop. Are we there yet?

Now – everyone refreshed and ready to go? Good. Half hour later – husband needs to stop. AT this point I insist that EVERYONE goes to the bathroom or stretches their legs because we’ve been on the road for almost 4 hours (it is only a 5 hour drive) and we are not even half way yet! Back in the car and we begin to make good time…for at least an hour….until we hit traffic due to construction. It takes is almost an hour to inch bumper-to-bumper through a tiny section of highway that normally would have taken us 5 minutes to whiz though…Are we there yet?

Now it’s dark – all three kids have dozed off and it’s just me and my husband awake – only we can’t even really talk because he’s driving and because my son wasn’t feeling well – I’m in the back seat….Are we there yet?

After another couple of gas & coffee fill ups we roll into my in-laws’ town – it’s minutes before midnight….my youngest wakes up and asks, “Are we there yet?” and after driving 7 hours (for a 5 hour trip) I have never been so relieved to say Yes!


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