The Dawn of a Goodbye

June 19, 2012

How did we all get so busy? Too busy to do a lot of the things that we WANT to do – but somehow always managing to find the time to do what we HAVE to do…. but there’s a difference.

I was too busy…doing God knows what….too busy to see a friend who is moving clear across the country in a couple of days. Now, today –  we are out of time. So I thought – well, at least I’ll call her this morning. She picked up the phone and that calm, familiar voice floated through the phone line and into my heart. This friend is not someone I did drinks, dinner or shopping with – this is a friend of the soul.She was my reflexologist, helping to center and align me when I was feeling off-kilter. We had so many intimate conversations, shared lots of laughs and a ton of tea.  I always felt that she was “my” friend – meaning that she had no major connections to my other friends or to my family. She just knew “me” – the me I was before marriage and children – the me who dreams dreams and worries about unimportant little things that I’d otherwise feel silly mentioning – and I hope that she felt that sense of friendship going both ways…although I am of the firm belief that sometimes friendships are an even 50-50 exchange and sometimes one person is the rock…well, she was one of the rocks of my soul.

We had a nice little catch-up conversation but I didn’t want to keep her too long because I know how involved moving so far away is, having done it several times in my life. When we said out goodbyes,  I very slowly and gently hung up the phone and suddenly it was as if the sound left my house – no fridge humming, no clock ticking and for just a moment I felt a cool and empty space inside.

…and as happy as I am for her – I shed a tiny tear for me…yet I rallied when I remembered how blessed I am to have someone to miss.


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