Brain Fog and The Perfect Cup

May 26, 2012

My dearest girlfriend took me out for a birthday dinner the other night…and she gave me,  as is her custom, a wonderful selection of  fun and useful gifties – one of which was a lovely new coffee mug…so pretty and just “our style” (which means it involves cupcakes). Now – honestly, I have absolutely no recollection as to how cupcakes became out style….but I love it anyway and simply chalk that gap in memory up to having a case of menopausal brain fog (ah…the brain fogs – you see they evolve is like this: before menopause comes pre-menopausal brain fog; before that, just a general state of what I like to call motherhood brain fog, this comes from juggling too many things and burning the midnight oil; but w-a-y- before all of that, it all begins with milk brain fog, caused from living in  a constant sate of sleeplessness coupled with the ongoing nursing/feeding of a new baby).

Now the thing with the mug is…she asked me “Do you remember what you once said?” (Oh Dear God, Woman! I’ve said a lot of things! No, of course I don’t remember…one of my fog moments obviously)…she went on to remind me; “You once said that a cup has to feel “just right” when you hold it.”  Ok – I do remember saying that and I still hold that belief. She then presented me with the perfect coffee /tea-cup. Pretty and cupcake-y in design with a comfortable, yet stylish handle  and slightly unusual shape  – I like that!

What I don’t like – as I christened the mug this morning with its first cup of weekend coffee…is the combination of round low bowl and my own, clearly clumsy early morning blur fog (Oh yeah – there’s a “fog” for that too!). As I was walking into the living room to check on the dog who  I believed might be considering hopping onto our new red couch with his wet spring paws, what to you think I did? “Hey dog – what is that big west splat on our new couch?” I asked out loud, curious at it the spot’s size and shape…..Hmm….. looks more like….OH MY GOD!  COFFEE HAS SLOOSHED OUT OF MY NEW CUPCAKE (be damned) MUG!!!  I shriek this all in my head of course as my heart is pounding…not because I’m a neat freak – oh heaven’s no! But because this couch is exactly 2 months old – still at the “try not to sit on it, kids!” stage, let alone the thought that the dog might ever get up on there for a snooze. I feverishly begin to dab it with my dressing gown (hey – desperate times=desperate measures) as I try to remember the vague and minimal instructions that the young man gave me as he was applying the protective sealant on my sacred new couches. Dab or don’t dab? Water or no water? Oh dammit…I’m just going to have to wait to see how it dries.

…may as well pour myself another cup of coffee.


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