Passion not permitted

May 19, 2012

There has been a hot sociopolitical issue going on in my city (but then, hey – what city doesn’t have one of these going on). Now this one pits the youth against “The Man” which of course is the very group they will inevitably become a part of, if the world is going to continue to turn.

So, I had an opinion. Wow. God forbid.  Now I happen to be passionate person – so I generally express my opinions…well, passionately, but I do make an effort to be fair, which somehow goes unnoticed, but somehow when it rubs against the younger generation (yes – I went there), my opinion suddenly becomes old-fashioned in its thought and execution. Funny how that works – when I’m the one paying the taxes that are inevitably raised as a consequence of these events…funny as I am the one who is late for my job because I am taking the time to drive my kids to school so that they can make class/not lose marks/get to work on  time and avoid the situation…funny how I am one of the people making the effort to pick up friends to help out because the situation has them trapped with no way to get home that doesn’t involve a hassle, a hassle  that they don’t need at the end of long hard day of contributing to society.

I remember being young and passionate about issues….I also look back and see that I couldn’t see the whole picture because I wasn’t able yet – I wasn’t at the point of being able to draw on years of experience. But what burns me the most is that I am somewhat not allowed to feel passionately about an issue with out judgement….and the ironic thing is that if I were to judge in that same way – I would be blasted for being old-fashioned and not forward thinking, not being able to see both sides….it’s the old Damned if you do – damned if you don’t.

When did being a grown-up get to be such hard place to stand? After all those years of making mistakes (still making mistakes!) and learning something along the way, didn’t I earn some sort of reprieve?


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