Spring’s Fling

May 3, 2012

Spring has been an elusive lover this year, surprising us early by bringing some of her cousin’s (Summer) heat and parading around, and rather scantily clad, I might add. Hey there Spring – put your sweater back on! I won’t lie – we all enjoyed the show and shrugging off all reasonable responsibility we put on our shorts and t-shirts and fired up our BBQ’s, unabashedly using up the remnants of  year’s propane.

Then came the rain, a few snowflakes and then one day there was an even a brief event when tiny hail-spit balls  were being shot down from the sky above . Hmmm.. that’ll learn us! So now, here we are, waiting patiently for our girl Spring. Obviously  Mother nature obviously talked some sense into her seasonally wild child and Spring is now arriving a little more buttoned-down…as we would expect. In fact, I’ve felt appropriately damp over the last couple of weeks and have pulled out my spring jacket and scarf for those early morning shivers. I know that summer has booked her trip and is well on the way..and being a gal who doesn’t like heat and humidity – I am steadying myself for what’s to come. A/C is standing by and yes, I know all about the freon etc. –  but living with a wild, menopausal beast of a woman who seems to only suffer from Hot Flashes in summertime; two months proves too difficult – and scary – for my family!

I am poised to plant my countless annuals and look forward to sitting back, when it’s all done , in my backyard which has been affectionately christened (more times that I can count!) Narnia. Close the door to the wardrobe and bring out the park bench….I’m ready for you now, Spring!


One Response to “Spring’s Fling”

  1. My lovely garden is The Nether Woods.

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