Glasses – not a Hair Accessory!

April 8, 2012

Middle Age should be the Renaissance of our lives – a time of re-birth and adventure…well, I suppose everyday is an adventure – especially when you refuse to succumb to wearing those reading glasses you are supposed to wear (and not just as a hair band – like me). Yesterday, while prepping for Easter, I was gleefully wearing my  hair band (strength #2) to keep my bangs out of my eyes while I poured the noodles into the sieve…or rather, ON TOP of the sieve and consequently, into the sink. I had been holding it the wrong way around because I wasn’t wearing my glasses on my eyes – where they belong!

A couple of weeks ago, I met two girlfriends for a drink and forgot my glasses. Actually, to be honest, I had just done my hair and didn’t want to stick my glasses on top. So there I was, standing on the street, completely unable to read the parking meter. I tried squinting  and then zooming in and out on the meter, thinking I might find a sweet spot.Wrong.  I had to go inside the bar and drag one of my friends out to not only read the meter but to help me put in the right change (hey – silver coins are silver coins – right?). Then, because I couldn’t read the menu and couldn’t see the specials, I ended up with a nine dollar glass of wine….serves me right.

Now I have to add, in my defence, that even with my glasses on – I can’t seem to read most labels on medication or on the back of some food packages…why do they make the print so small today (I know, I know – because they can). Nothing quite as ridiculous as catching myself in the mirror – wearing my glasses and holding a magnifying glass to read the back of a soup package. Mind you, even my kids say the print is small…although with their super human  (read, young) eyesight, they can still read it.

Well, I’m happy to say that today, I will wear my glasses. They are a purple-blue color – so they’ll make a terrific Easter hair band.


One Response to “Glasses – not a Hair Accessory!”

  1. Glasses are an accessory. That’s why you should have at least 3 different pairs (or as many as you can afford). :o)

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