Ladies Who Lunch

March 29, 2012

One of the nicest things about Facebook is the re-connection with yourself. Last week, someone who had been a part of my social circle seventeen years ago, reminded me of  my famous luncheons – something that I had completely forgotten about.

Back then, our children were all very small and most of us stayed home with them. Our lives  were an intense circle of caring for babies and trying to keep our homes from looking like an episode of Hoarders. Any remnants of the women we had been and the careers we had cultivated were mere memories, awash with sticky fingers and Cheerios. I remember thinking one day, as I picked up Child #1 from nursery school, we ladies needed a little something…a little reminder of ourselves…a little get-away of sorts. So, I came up with the elaborate lunch idea (well, elaborate at that time in my life!). I invited a group of mothers to come for a brunch during the couple of hours that our children were all in nursery school. All they had to bring was themselves and the infant that they were probably toting on their hips – and lipstick was a must!

I would decorate the diningroom according to the season – flowers, fancy tablecloths and napkins and place cards. I pulled out whatever china and silver I owned to give the feeling of luxe which was a thrill, seeing as most of us were accustomed to eating our lunches on plastic plates adorned with Big Bird. Often, I would even have little loot bags (hey – why should kids get all the treats?) that would hold a little lip gloss or purse-sized hand cream. It was never  a complicated  meal – often bagels, cheeses, fruit salad, dessert treats and of course – a glass of wine.

Well, that first lunch for six ladies turned into several lunches in a year and became so popular that at one point I was organizing two sittings to accommodate the new friends I was making – a morning brunch and an afternoon lunch (for those of us that had children in elementary school). What a great time that was….we would come together to talk, exchange ideas, laugh and, of course, eat. When people left they told me that they felt refreshed – as though they had been whisked away – which had been my whole intention.

Those were fun years – I got so much pleasure from creating those events and had long since forgotten about them…until last week when reminded by someone who had been touched by the experience. Makes me think that perhaps it’s time to throw a party again…


One Response to “Ladies Who Lunch”

  1. Oh yes! Lipstick is always a must!

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