So, You’re a Nurse?

March 28, 2012

Today, while waiting in line at the pharmacy, I watched as a small group of high school boys were valiantly trying to charm the pretty, new cashier…needless to say it was a cross between being both sweet and painful to witness. After they left, she complained to me about what a drag it was, being hit on…every day. As I listened to her lamentations, I fondly remembered when that used to a problem for me too – about a hundred years ago. Now – it seems that any flirtatious advances  that might come my way generally involve men who are either elderly or have been drinking. As I pondered that somber realization, I flashed back to a scant few years ago where, while waiting to meet a friend in the lobby/lounge of my local YMCA , an elderly gentleman walked up to me and asked if I could explain the signs with balloons attached – advertising an event. I told him it was promoting an open house meeting for their nursery school. His eyes lit up – “Oh! You’re a nurse!” he said with a little too much enthusiasm. No – no, I assured; it was a meeting for the nursery school.

“So – you nurses are having a meeting here.” Again, a little too much glow going on in his expression. Once again, I reinforced the nursery school/children fact. Clearly listening (not), he begins to tell me about some of the surgical procedures that he’s had, at which point I smile and, again remind him that I am NOT a nurse. He goes on to tell me, in detail, about his most recent surgery – something to do with his abdomen and then (thank goodness I was sitting down already), asks me “Would you like to see the scar?” and he winks.

I – am – NOT – a – NURSE! I tell him for the fifth or sixth time to which he responds, with a smile…..

“So,what you’re telling me is, that you’re a nurse.”



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