Back Off – Back Pain!

February 9, 2012

I stretched, that’s all I did. I had a good long morning stretch (or at least I think that’s how it happened) and then, ping! – out went my back. Are you serious?! I am starting Day Three of the Hobble (not to be confused with 70s dance move –  The Hustle). I am not a back person – you know what I mean? We all have our “thing” – mine is my throat…..but my back never goes out. Although, as a sweet young co-worker pointed out, not realizing the possible impact  his statement “it’s about getting older.”   I have to admit I was mumbling – no,more like  growling, the “I know” response under my breath as I was supporting myself by holding onto the counter.

I’ve spent the last two days shuffling, trying to remember to breathe and taking the necessary anti-inflammatories – just getting into the car is ridiculous. I sit in the seat and then hoist my body and try to swing my legs in….it takes a moment or two. Yesterday, I caught my reflection in the rear-view mirror – mascara smudged around my eyes, hair all caught up in my glasses (that I wear on my head like a headband all day) – good heavens – I looked like I was on my way to the circus!

I slammed the car door – hit the gas and headed home for a heating pad and a glass of wine….it has to get better by today – right?


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