Where does the Ex go?

February 3, 2012

A friend of mine told me recently how she and her ex were still such good friends….and all I could think to myself was – Really?!  I don’t know…to me, when you’ve been so deeply in love with someone and it ends the way it began – in a burst of rush and discovery…how is there still friendship after that? That kind of passion has nothing to do with friendship – it’s about a constant state of emotion and fire. Now, if you have children between you – that’s a different story…you owe those children a certain sense of civility. They weren’t around when you collided, only when you crashed and burned. So friendship, while a lovely possibility isn’t a necessity – but civility is.

For those who had no children – that relationship was most probably all passion – for better for worse. For richer and poorer never had a chance, and although in sickness and health may have reared its head at some point…until death do you part wasn’t even a post-script.

I think Good Friends is a lovely thought…and I guess it all comes down to how high the fire burned.


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