Perfect Youth

January 16, 2012

Years fly by like leaves torn from their trees courtesy of an October wind in an autumn hurry. How did I get to this place? It seems like yesterday – well ok, how about – like last week, when I was just  a young thing on the brink of self discovery…on brink of discovering the world that sat before me, a tempting entree on the menu of life. It was a time when I had no real responsibilties, other than to myself (and maybe my landlord, for the rent). I could lay in bed until I wanted to get up. I could eat breakfast for dinner and I had no significant plans in a day – I didn’t need to have plans…I just had to be.

I was loved for who I was – faults and all…actually, it seemed that I had no faults…(smile)…the unconditional love of youth. I was  bigger, stronger and more courageous than the girl that faced me in the bathroom mirror each morning. How delicious, the  illusions of youth.

Today,blessedly,  I am loved – unconditionally, comfortably and securely and for that I am beyond grateful because the glow of youth has long since faded and tarnished, and no amount of buffing will bring back that luster of perfection that seemed to surround me back then. My imperfections today, while accepted and maybe even cherished, leave me feeling  a little less than perfect, a little less than young…and well…just a little less.


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