Pillow Talk

January 14, 2012

Sleep eludes me, as it does many people, women in particular – so here is how last night, a typical night, went for me.

8:30pm – (that’s right people…8:30 pm!) – Exhausted – I drop into bed and pass out.

12:20am – Wake up. Hubby’s downstairs with the kids watching Stephen Colbert.

12:30am – He comes to bed, slips under the covers, head hits the pillow and Zzzzzz – he is fast asleep. I lie awake thinking “Oh My God! I’m awake! I HAVE to get to sleep, I HAVE to get up early for work tomorrow.

12:40 – Still awake – still stressing about not falling asleep. Husband is snoring.

1:00am – Thinking about how my youngest daughter still doesn’t have snowpants and there is a snow storm presently going on outside our window.What groceries do I need to get tomorrow? Did I lock the back door?

1:20am – I’m hot (throw off the covers). Plump up my pillow.

1:30am – I’m cold (sit up, feel around for the duvet and pull up all the covers)

1:40am – Why am I not sleeping yet? I took an Ativan an hour ago!

1:50am – I think I’m feeling a bit nauseous – did I catch a gastro from one of the kids at daycare?

2:00am – I remember a couple of times when someone hurt my feelings…why did they do that? I remember a couple of times when I hurt someone else’s feelings…why did I do that?

2:10am – Will I still have a job next year? Will my books ever get published? What about the snowpants? The dog needs to go to the vet. Where are the dental insurance forms?

3:35am – Wake up from a bizarre dream. Oh – and now I’m hot again (throw off covers). Plump up the pillow.

3:40am – Cold again (search around for the end of duvet and pull up all the covers)

5:15am – I’m awake – really awake – have to be up by 6:00am.

Might as well get up.

PS.  Husband is still asleep.


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