The Chain

December 29, 2011

This is the year that I finally succumbed to The Chain – you know – the kind your reading glasses hang from.  I hesitantly put it on my wish list and my youngest child obliged and gave it to me as a gift. All I can say is thank goodness my husband was with her and helped her choose the one that is burnished metal with garnet colored beads as opposed to the granny-shiny metal chain looking chain.

Oh my God…I am wearing a chain now!!

It’s just that I got tired of wearing my glasses like a hair band all the time – on-off-on-off – me cracking two funky frames in the space of three months from the extreme handling. Of course my first problem was that I needed my reading glasses to see how to put The Chain actually on my glasses. Yes it’s  pretty – in fact it’s quite necklace like. I am however strangling myself and have almost broken my glasses twice – trying to put them on my head like a hair band…(hey – old habits!). My glasses now clank and dangle around my neck and get in the way of my jewellery wearing….then again – I rarely wear a necklace, so I guess that’s just an excuse. Oh my heavens – how is that I am old enough to wear The Chain?!? Does it make me looks old? –  I asked the mirror several times on Christmas Day…oh well, just slather on extra lipstick (always red – when you mean business), that seems to help. Then there is the issue of   tossing of my hair in a sexy manner which is now somewhat slightly hindered by the swaying of the glasses too…but I guess it is what it is – right ? Ultimately, I know that The Chain will make my life easier, especially at work,  and it will help to preserve my hair style, which  looks fabulous every morning after an arduous blow drying session, until I would perch those glasses on top of my head….not a problem any longer!

I suppose that what it all comes down to is the fact that, while I don’t really mind getting older – in fact I generally don’t give it much thought – but every once in a while when something like The Chain happens along in my life, I suddenly feel closer to being my grandmother…which has to be  impossible, because I still feel 25 inside. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to remember to coyly hang onto my Chain as I toss my hair from now on!


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