I Need A Day Off!

December 7, 2011

Sun shining in a bright blue sky – crisp but not too cold outside. I took off the perfect day to bake and creatively wrap 11 dozen cookies for our 20th annual Cookie Exchange. I started my recipe when my daughter pounded downstairs in a flurry,having overslept (not something she normally does). Could I pleeaasse drive her to school. Sure – I have all day and everything is going smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that I get the idea to do the groceries on my way back home. Groceries go smoothly too…what a fantastic day! I get home and back to my baking. Hey! I have a great idea – why don’t I double my recipe so that I can have more time to get everything else done? No – why double when I could triple…no even better – quadruple my recipe!

…and so the snowball began to form. Lesson learned -you cannot quadruple a recipe or rather – you shouldn’t. Now – I had 11 dozen to bake and it was already noon. I pulled those lemon squares from the oven and had to step back to avoid the splash – the splash of lemon filling that refused to cook through. Oh no! Now I have 8 dozen to re-bake and tick-tock, time is calling out to me – reminding me that I also have 11 old coffee cans to decorate and turn into a fabulous presentation package as well. Mix, press, beat, bake. I am starting to sweat now. I leave the kitchen to work on my cans…then,suddenly I remember – I’m supposed to bring an appetizer for the potluck dinner. I drop everything, hop into the car and take off for the nearby corner store to pick up a container of $5 cream cheese so I can whip something up. It’s started to really drizzle rain now and as I get out of my car a man in the parking lot comes up to me and tells me I have a nail sticking straight out of my tire…WHAT?!  I take a look and there it is a big, fat nail sticking out of my tire. Great – really great – because I have so much time left over from quadrupling my recipe that I can swing by the garage…but I have no choice – so I go. Surprisingly, they can put a quick fix to the tire – Good News! Also surprising…the fact that I now need four new tires instead of the two I ordered from them only days earlier…the fix is just a “band-aid”. I can’t think anymore. I rush back home cut up the squares (which I now must try to fit into a round tin…hello – shapes 101…), put the bows on the cans – finish the glass of wine I poured at 3pm, whip up two kinds of appetizers (using the $5 cream cheese in one), have to print out the recipe (times 11) , do my hair get dressed and remember to pack my camera too…all in one hour.

As I start to head out the door to the tune of my two daughters arguing about dinner, I literally bump into my husband on the front step. I’m out of here – I tell him hastily….and I hear him chuckle at the ensuing chaos building within.

That’ll teach me for taking the day off!.


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