Somewhere Out There

November 29, 2011

Every night, somewhere out there – someone you don’t remember is loving you. I once read that in one of those mass forward e-mails…and I thought, Wow…that’s an incredible thought…because haven’t you ever had one of those nights when you couldn’t sleep, besieged by a brain that won’t rest or perhaps a laundry list of worries and concerns, and your thoughts have travelled to someone that you once cared about or care about now…and your thoughts have been good, kind, warm and loving.

That thought – that possibility –  is such a beautiful and comforting thought, it’s like an extra warm blanket to pull over you on a cold winter night. If only we all took the time to remember and reflect on the people who have had impact on our lives – be it today or in the past.

The negative people who have come and gone have their place too – they have helped to shape the person you are now…but the people who love you are the ones who help you become the person you can be from now on.

So when you close your eyes tonight – just before you drift away and the navy blue sky fades to black ….take a moment and think lovingly of someone.


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