Hidden within

November 28, 2011

I’m listening to music that reminds me of who I really am. And what I remember is that I am not only the mother and the wife that lives at my house, I am also the young wild thing that lives within my heart – whose soul longs to soar from time to time – the girl with memories that warm her when I allow them to. Somewhere between work, homework and preparing dinner…there is a girl, a young woman inside of me. She has learned to keep quiet and hold her tongue over the years…she knows when to raise her hand, her voice, her eyebrow… always waiting so paitently within…waiting for her turn to speak, to participate, to be. It’s not that she needs an audience – it’s that she feels that she needs permission…and I wonder when that happened. She isn’t sorry, she isn’t sad…she – just ….IS.

She is still inside…waiting paitently.


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