Girlfriend in the Distance

November 18, 2011

Every time I hear the song The Distance by Evan and Jaron which was the soundtrack from the movie Serendipity – it’s November in my heart.

When that song came out, one of my best friends had recently moved across the country, and  her move came at a devastating time in my life. My husband and I had just bought our very first home – which was in a frightening state of demo-reno, and our third baby had newly arrived a few months earlier. Then  9/11  happened the same week my husband’s job was cut….all those dreams were suddenly frozen….I didn’t know which way to turn and my Life Line wasn’t here…she was 3,000 miles away.

We had been two peas in a pod – together most days. Once our husbands left for work, it often meant they would not be back for a couple of days because they travelled …we’d get on the phone and plan our day with the kids, or organise  Coffee Club and our hallowed, once weekly meeting which consisted of the two of us plus one other friend ….and whether or not we were doing something together, we’d at least make sure we were home for “The Five O’Clock” – the time when we’d phone each other to re-hash our day and discuss what we were making for dinner. We held each other up – we held each other together…and when she moved away…there was such a hole. Other friends would bump into me at the grocery store and with a hand on my shoulder and expression of gentle concern, ask me how I was doing – as if I had just suffered a break-up…maybe I had. We tried to keep up the The 5 O’Clock…bit tougher with the 3-hour difference….who wants to discuss the day and dinner when it’s only early afternoon? Still we perservered…we called often – we still stood by each other.

But I remember hearing that song…and standing by the window on a bleak November evening, wondering how to proceed in my life….and althoughI had my husband right there – he had his own questions…and sometimes what you really need is your best girlfriend…and mine was out there somewhere…in the distance.


One Response to “Girlfriend in the Distance”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I remember it! I remember it well. Thanks for reminding me, of how important friendship, ours, really was, is! xo.. B

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