Still a Rock Chick

November 16, 2011

A weird thing happened last week…the guitar player from the band I worked with turned 50. Now – it’s not that that is so unusual, but it seemed like a strange shift happened in the cosmos (which would please him immensely!). I sudddenly heard from someone in my first band, previous to the one I worked in with him…wow…it was a like floodgate opened up and all these memories came pouring in…all this incredible warmth…with such fondness I remembered all of us being in our early twenties – the big wide world in front of us, at our fingertips – no dream was too big to dream…the fire – the fact that I used to be able to drink 10 coffees a day….all of the magical things that make your twenties your glory days. I feel so lucky – because I can actually say that, so far, I have lived out a good percentage of my dreams…..plenty more on the back burner…but those early memories have such a magical warmth to them…I’m resting in their embers tonight.


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