The Journey of Love

November 13, 2011

A woman whom I’ve known for a few years confided to me last week that she was toying with the idea of leaving her husband…the same husband that I know she’s deeply in love with and has been for most of her life….but I wasn’t surprised because of what she said next – she said that she felt that she was not the twenty-something girl that he had married….and I thought to myself – of course you’re not! You’re the forty-something woman who has lived a lifetime in between

Life is a funny road…when you first join hands and start down the path – the road ahead is a straight clear path to a beautiful sunset….then, about a quarter of the way you find yourself holding tightly onto each other as the road slopes and curves unexpectedly to one side….you hold each tight and continue along – because that sunset is clearly still ahead…and it’s so beautiful. Further along you are breathless suddenly you realize that you’ve been on an uphill climb…funny, you never noticed the bump in the road. You catch your breath…and keep moving forward. Oh, oh! The guard-rails have given way and you have to hang onto each other for dear life…should you let go now? It sure would be easy…oh but the fall would hurt so much…so you hang on.
Now the sunset is clearer and closer – you swear you could almost touch it…..but you find yourself no longer holding hand as you walk along that road….but does it matter? You’re still walking together, side by side on the same road – eyes fixed on the same horizon, hearts still joined in the reaching the same goal.

We are never the same twenty year olds we were – but the things that made you fall in love with someone or them with you are still there – we just don’t appreciate or celebrate them, We don’t force ourselves to continue to grow – which is what our partners really want for us.
…all we have to do, is remember to hold hands along the journey.


2 Responses to “The Journey of Love”

  1. today is not a day I can trust the hand beside mine. This is beautifully written though!

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