Life in a Moment

October 29, 2011

My son is about to turn 21 and today, while he was sipping on a cup of soup before leaving for the university’s library we had a chat. We discussed a couple of world issues and as I listened to myself talk, I thought “Gee, I don’t sound stupid!” Because as anyone with teenagers/young adults knows – at this point in life, you are always an idiot. My next thought was a mixture of marvel and pride as he spoke….when did he get so smart?
He finished his soup and was getting ready to go to leave and I have to admit that I was silently wishing that he would ask me for a lift to the subway station…which he did…and I smiled to myself….I may not be able to hold his hand when we walk anymore….but I can hold onto a moment…


2 Responses to “Life in a Moment”

  1. Lilabell Says:

    I have three small sons, and I think about those moments in the future all the time. Nice post.

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