If It’s Love

October 29, 2011

Train’s song “If It’s Love” came on and I drifted back to my friend’s wedding this past summer. She is much younger than I am ….having elebrated 25 years with my husband this past year….they’re just starting out….Oh how I remember that….The Beginning. Everything is so new, a wonderful discovery – how someone takes their coffee, oatmeal cookies – raisins or not? Favorite childhood cartoon? The list is endless…the future is endless at this point in your life. The horizon is a faint line in the sky and the road leads to the clouds….No bills swirling around your head, no kids’ grades or fevers keeping you up at night, no nothing – just dreams, possibilites – rainy days are as wonderful as sunny days…
I think that people cry at weddings because of the beauty of the moment – the beauty of the innocence of love is over-whelming, it’s like a brillaint bright white light that shines from the couple and cascades on all of us around them…. those who are young are fillled with hope and those who are older are filled with sweet memory and the appreciation of The Beginning that we couldn’t know on that day so many years ago….
I remember standing in the doorway of a little grocery store with my husband – we were trying to find shelter from a sudden rain storm…he leaned in and kissed me for what seemed like a long time…and to this day – a great date with him usually involves some raindrops….and suddenly on those days, it’s like The Beginning…again.


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