To Schedule Free Time

October 18, 2011

It seems so hard to schedule free time these days. I know that sounds kind of strange to say but it’s true. We get ourselves so over-programmed, be it with our own jobs or our children’s activities, that it becomes almost impossible to just “be” to just “hang out” with friends – the people that we think about on a daily basis, the very people that we rely on, that we appreciate….that we care about, that know the real us and the people with whom spending time with, rejuvenates us.

So we play telephone tag , all the while chasing our communication tails by texting and emailing in a valiant and knowingly futile effort to make a connection….it’s almost an unspoken desperation that we refuse to acknowledge, perhaps because we think we are juggling things just fine in this high speed life. Circling the proverbial communication block repeatedly, we miss the parking spot…everytime, and slowing down doesn’t really seem to be an option because in doing so, it somehow feels like a form of failure – like we’re dropping that third ball that we’ve tossed in the air and I guess it would mean that suddenly we aren’t juggling anymore. Yet,  as long as our eyes remain on all those balls that we’re juggling, life is sliding by…right in front of us unseen.

I have a secret confession….I long to drop the ball every once in awhile…


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