Dish Dilemma

September 30, 2011

I have a problem at my house. My dishes seem to be cavorting with one another and when I am gone for a scant few hours, they propagate and suddenly from one cup – I have two plates and a bowl (which can only mean that they are seriously “mixing”). While hardly a neat freak, as my friends and family can attest, I do leave the house with the dishes -if not washed – certainly piled up neatly in the sink to await my return from work.

I live close to where I work so I can come home at lunch from time to time….and this is when I find it…cups, plates and glasses have made their way from the cupboards (Oh yeah – that sink full of dishes doesn’t even come into play!) to the family room. Now, you see – I’ve kinda blown the big mystery for you – I said Family Room….which generally means Kids….and in my case it means two teens (actually one is almost 21, the other 18) and one ‘tween who is 11.  Apparently, after I’m gone and before they leave for school (or go to bed – because this occurs at night too, while I’m sleeping) several dishes come out to play. Just this morning as I got up at 5:30am, I picked up 3 glasses and two bowls….what goes on down here?! The funniest part (although I am rarely laughing as I am picking up) is that the FamilyRoom adjoins to the Kitchen! Are they slobs? Maybe….or are they just in a horrible rush to get out the door in the morning – or too tired at night? Who  knows –  but…oops…wait….I see another cup sitting there…ummm..(sigh)uh-oh…it’s mine.

I think we’re a bit too relaxed around here.


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