Caught up in the Wilderness

September 25, 2011

A friend called me yesterday to see how my weekend was going and I told her fine…reminded her that my oldest daughter was on her Wilderness Camping trip with her college class – it was an intensive class that she chose and once the weekend was over, her schedule would open up a bit and give her more time. My friend then informed me that she had seen my daughter two weeks earlier and that she was excited about this camping trip. Excited? I hung up the phone and just sat there for a moment – and it all came rushing at me……for the last two weeks I have been moaning and groaning about this trip – because as you might have read in my other blogs – I HATE camping – I’ve had 4 different experiences and all of them involved severe rain and unseasonable cold, and basically – I am not a camper. But it never occurred to me that my daughter might be – or at least excited to try. Now, of course, I feel like a terrible mother – projecting my own less-than-positive feelings about something that doesn’t suit me – onto her. That is something I’ll most definitely have to work on…we all should, because in reality that is something that most of us do – and not only to our children, sometimes we feel comfortable enough to impose it on perfect strangers too. Now all I can do is sit here, with my new found wisdom (you’re never too old to learn!) and wait patiently for her to come home… maybe bake a batch of her favorite cookies, and be ready to listen – really listen and learn more about her.


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