Hot Date?

July 25, 2011

Furnace cleaning and inspection is an annual procedure every summer in preparation for winter. Being asked out on a date is not!

Every year, the same gentleman comes to clean our furnace and it’s never me who is here at that time – it’s usually my husband or my son. Last year, he noticed a piece of antique furniture that we had stored  in the basement, marked for sale and told my son that he was very interested in purchasing it. Somehow – we lost the phone number before we could even call it and although we advertised the furniture once or twice – it didn’t sell. Anyway, a year goes by and lo and behold – it’s furnace cleaning time again. Down to the furnace room he goes and I don’t see him until his work is done. Now, as luck would have it – my burner is completely shot (a fire hazard!) so he needs to come back once the replacement part comes in. The next day a major heat wave starts and the humidity is at an all time high. He shows up 2 hours late, exhausted and apologies profusely – another emergency job has kept him busy all morning. He asks me if he could come back on Monday to finish the job….it’s incredibly hot and humid – plus it’s Friday afternoon. I said what anyone would say…..”no problem” –  and that is that.

Monday he returns to finish the work and as he is leaving , he thanks me for being so understanding on the past Friday. Once again, he tells me what a nice lady I am and  then adds that I also have pretty eyes. Okay, I think – a tad flirtatious – but basically just a sweet comment…and hey, at this point in my life, I’ll take the compliment!

Two days later, he arrives to pay for and cart away, that piece of furniture. Making conversation, as he loads it  into his vehicle, he asks me if my husband was happy with the job he did on the furnace. “Sure!” I reply. He pays for the furniture and hands me piece of paper with his phone number on it – and I’m thinking that it’s for purchasing future items, because my husband and I are trying to clean out our basement (that’s another blog entirely!)  but no –  he says it’s in case I want to go for a coffee some time. W-H-A-T?!? Coffee? Like a date?! I’m really caught off guard so I kind of  laugh it off and say “Oh – I don’t think that’s going to happen -ha ha ha”  He gets ready to leave and I tell him to have a great rest of the summer, and then to keep things light (in case I somehow miss-read the situation) I say with laugh and a wave;  “Same time – next year!” He quickly comes back with – “No,no, no! I’m hoping next week… for coffee! Call me”.  Awkward…..! I smile kind of nervously and tell him that it’s just not going to happen. Then I look at my watch and tell him that I have to run – you know, house full of kids/something cooking on the stove…yadda, yadda. yadda. Then I  turn and walk away.

The  funny thing is that I didn’t know whether to feel kind of freaked out or privately pleased that at 51 years old, I can still turn a head – still tickle someone’s fancy. Of course I adore my husband and I know that he loves and appreciates me but the longer you are with someone – the less often those sentiments are expressed out loud. I think that everyone who is in a relationship should make an effort to  work on that, because that’s the stuff that keeps you young and reminds you that the “you” you’ve always been is still in there – alive and well.


2 Responses to “Hot Date?”

  1. Pam Says:

    I love it! And am totally not surprised that you would turn anyone’s head.

  2. Josée Says:

    Believe it hon! You are one hot babe and Henry shouldn’t forget it!

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