After Bite is NOT a lip gloss!

July 9, 2011

Yesterday morning, raring to go – I got up and made the coffee….full day ahead! Work, school and everything in between. However, it had been a menopausal slumber, meaning that I tossed and turned a bit – you know, it’s too hot, it’s too cold – no, now it’s too hot, again.

So, being the multi-tasker extraordinaire that I think I am, while the coffee was brewing I searched my purse for my lip gloss – Not for the beauty moment! But because I had been to the dentist for “restorative work” (that’s what it’s called at this point in life) and when you’ve sat in the chair for two hours with you mouth wide open…dry lips result. So – no glasses on, (seriously, I need my reading glasses to reach inside my purse?) I bravely submerge my hand into the brown, pseudo leather hole that is my purse. Victorious! I pop the top off the gloss and swipe some one…..but, ummm…why are my lips tingling in that non-collagen way? Oh My God! I’ve swiped on some “after bite” bug bite relief cream!!! My first thought is that “Hey! This is going to shrink my lips!!!!” My second, and clearly more rational thought is “This might be toxic!!!”  and I proceed to splash, wash and scrub  my lips fervently, taking a good 5 years off of them….I look in the mirror – Well, they are certainly more plump now…an rosy too!. Lesson learned? Maybe reading glasses are not enough…


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