Bad Hands

July 8, 2011

For the last week, I have had a terrible knot in the back of my neck that radiates to my shoulders. It comes from being hunched over my artwork or sometimes stress (as in – all that studying I am doing, now that I am back at school after 30 years!) and all I want is for my husband to give me that shoulder rub…but apparently, as delicious and delightful as he is on regular basis, he has one fault…he can’t rub my shoulders because he tells me that he has “Bad Hands.”  Now – I’ve heard of Jazz Hands, Fast Hands, Busy Hands, Man Hands, Farm Hands and No Hands – never mind the Right and Left Hands – but “Bad Hands”? Hmmm – so does this now mean that I need to book an appointment with a massage therapist (not that I would mind laying down, relaxing quietly in a softly lit room with no children,no phones, no crazy dog barking – no demands, no – nothing!) when all I really need is a 15 minutes, non-professional rub – to get that tension knot out?

Oh all right….pass me the phone.


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