Who have I become?

July 1, 2011

First – it was the occasional – Don’t stand on that chair – you could fall and hurt yourself“.…then I moved up to,You’ll fall and crack your head open and recently heard myself say to a child who was whining about a few raindrops – You’re not made of sugar – you won’t melt – it’s just a little rain”….but the real cherry on top is hearing myself mutter out loud “What in the tarnation is going on? Tarnation – really? Or to quote my twenty year old son – First, he hears it, then with a puzzled expression looks up from his computer – takes the headphones off (so you know this is serious) and saysTarnation” Mom – Really?! How old are you?! Then he shakes his head,still not sure of who I am becoming –  puts back on the headphones and I’m sort of left hanging there – by my own words. Whose words are they anyway? How far back into the ancestral pool have I fallen? Lord have mercy – I’d better find out!


One Response to “Who have I become?”

  1. Nancy Macdonald Says:

    I ‘impressed’ my kids when I once stated; “Holy mackerel!” A little different from the “Holy cow!” that they are used to…LOL!

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