No more pencils – no more books…

June 23, 2011

When I became a mother, I of course, fell in love with my own babies…but years later, as I moved into the career of being a Preschool Teacher/Daycare Educator – I had no idea that I would keep falling in love – over and over again. June is here and I am having to say goodbye to some little friends who are moving  on to Kindergarten – and every June I surprise myself at my own “lump in the throat.” I spend the better part of a year with these children, going through every moment imaginable. Sometimes the going is tough – they have some rough growing stages that we have to weather together. Then there are the glorious moments where I get a chance to have a taste of childhood again….In the summer time, we chase butterflies and dig for treasure (which I bury in the sandbox for them to discover  from time to time),  then over the winter months we spend hours designing and creating at the art table or just plain getting messy as we tap into science projects. They tell me stories and share their thoughts and dreams- sometimes we even have to put a bandaid on what seems (at that moment) to be a monumental gash…but a lot of the time we just laugh. I watch them grow from cautious and insecure 2 year olds to brave, confident, ready-to-take-the world- on, 5 year olds…and I learn – I learn so much – you’d be amazed (if you are open to it) as to how much a child can teach you – they hold a wisdom and a clairty that we seem to have lost as adults. It’s ultimately a short journey – no more than 3 years spent together – and yet it’s the journey of a lifetime, watching them grow…and when parents are kind enough to thank me at the end of each year – I always feel compelled to thank them – for the gift that is their child.

Hmmm … now where did I put that butterfly net?


One Response to “No more pencils – no more books…”

  1. Josée Says:

    Beautifully said!

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