Magic Eraser

June 22, 2011

There are some of you out there who know EXACTLY what I’m talking about right now…that Magic Eraser made by Mr. Clean…Wow! What kind of magic is in that? My husband and I decided to take a week off to clean the house….yeah – you heard me right. Clean the house….and let’s be clear – that is no euphemism for some other kind of holiday fun….although using that Magic Eraser has been an almost sexy experience.

With both of us working, three jobs between us, and having three kids who are “cleaning challenged” (my son’s version of cleaning his room is to take all of the clothes that line his bedroom floor and putting them all in the laundry hamper at once…) celebrating 10 years in our house means reveling in the dust bunnies, nicks in the wall and scratches on the floor – of course, I should mention that we like to hold our fair share of parties – so that has added to the wear in tear (joyfully though!).

I started this whole project by making a two page list (only?) of every – single- thing that needs to be done in the house…from re-organizing a corner in the family room to re-painting the halls and (finally) dry walling the laundry room. Let’s just say that it took us both 6 hours to do our tiny kitchen from top to bottom and everything in between…but hey, it’s done! Now, of course, I don’t want anyone to eat, cook or pour any beverages in that room! We used those Magic Erasers on everything and I’m serious,  it was almost like re-repainting…we went crazy with them and shredded 6 of those things in less than 2 days. I’m not one for endorsing products too often – but you have to get this thing , you will be amazed. Fro instance – I always admired the fact that our white laminate kitchen cupboards had that wood grain finish….until I used the Magic Eraser and saw them transformed to gleaming white – no “wood grain” showing…Oh My God – it was dirt in those tiny grooves, all along!

Today – I am going over to Costco to see if I can buy a case of that stuff….meanwhile my husband has a better idea – he’s looking into buying stock!


3 Responses to “Magic Eraser”

  1. Laura Gregor Lundy Says:

    I LOVE those Magic Erasers! I thought I was the only one …I must admit that the lavender scented clorox wipes really light my fire too! I guess all my years of neatness rubbed off eh sis??!

  2. Lucy Willis Says:

    Used one for the first time on Monday and it IS like repainting the walls, maybe I’ll use it on my face 😛

    • sassytalk Says:

      If it weren’t for the toxic issue – I’d day yes -would help me on a couple of those “age spots”… 😉

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