The Root of the Problem

June 21, 2011

There I was – getting ready for our Father’s Day celebration; putting on  a little swipe of make-up which is a feat  in itself now that I need serious reading glasses…even my 5x the magnification mirror doesn’t quite help. Hearing that, my mother graciously offered to treat me to a 10x (umm thanks Mom…).Slip back on my glasses and take a look in the mirror and think, Hey – not bad!  Then I see it – I must have accidentally gotten some sunblock (to protect my skin from the sun) or foundation (to cover the age spots from the sun) in my hair at the temples. I take a closer look as I try to rub it out with a towel….W-H-AAAT?! That’s not make-up – that’s gray hair – no, that’s white hair! What the – ? I just colored my hair last week ! I used the semi-permanent stuff – you know – it says it covers up to 70% of all grays….surely I don’t have more than 70%….or do I? Well apparently I must have a whole damn head full of gray hair – maybe even white – and I never knew it. Now I’m wondering – is that why when I use the dark brown it’ ends up sort of lighter browny-red at the temples and on top? I always thought it was just inexperience with the dye…but now I’m thinking …..I need the permanent 101% gray coverage AND that 10x mirror, not to mention new glasses…fast!


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