June 12, 2011

Twenty-five years. My husband and I have been together for twenty-five years. Really?  Twenty-five years is half of my life….and yet it still seems so fresh – not exactly like “yesterday”  but more like, maybe five years ago.  Comfortable with that hint of new excitement .

My husband and I met when we worked together at the same radio station….love at first sight? Yes – absolutely. A few hurdles to jump and we were there – kissing in an elevator – making history. Twenty-five years  of firsts and lasts – of dreams coming true and the odd one crashing too. Kids, pets, home renovations and career changes…some incredibly painful tears – but mostly smiles and laughter.We’ve been walking this road together, hand in hand on this journey of life. My face lights up when I see him first thing in the morning and my heart still skips a beat when he walks in the door. He is the one person I never get tired of seeing, hearing, holding. He is my best friend and my boyfriend – all wrapped into one…to the cynics who said it wouldn’t last – champagne’s on you tonight !


One Response to “Twenty-Five”

  1. nives Says:

    Congrajulations Connie(and Henry, of course!), hats off to you and I can’t imagine anyone doubting the longevity of your marriage. Seeing the two of you together, one can see the love! I wish you more and more of the same….and both you and I have examples to take from when we look at our parents. xoxo

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