Season of the Sandal

June 10, 2011

Thursday, it was a 100 degrees and humid…again. Not the kind of day to be running around…right…

Driving to work I look down to see that my gas light has come on – I’m on Empty. I haven’t been paid yet so I’m running on virtual dollars. I pray that I make it to the gas station in time – and I do – where I promptly put my last $10 into the car , which, of course with the ever escalating price of gas, has filled my tank up to E…..great – well, at least I can make it to work. Good day at work – but now I have to run and get to the bank for some cash (it is payday).  I zoom to the grocery store because all I have left is one roll of toilet paper for 5 people and no coffee either (emergency situation), wrestle a cart free as I melt in the humidity and then rush into the store where I am greeting by air-conditioning and I pat myself on the back for remembering to bring a sweater with me. Ok – this is actually all going very well – fruits and veggies are on super-sale, I can feel a big grin on my face. Then it happens – the strap on my sandal breaks….I can’t  leave the store – I am 25% done and I really need everything on my list – TODAY. So I  stop and discreetly begin to search through that vast black hole, otherwise known as my purse, for a bandaid or a safety pin to stick it together ….all I have is some happy face stickers from school…..they don’t stick very well. So now, here I am dragging my foot behind me like a creature from some horror film…I have the grimace to go with it because the heavy metal ring , that looked so fab on the sandal, is now digging into my foot. Undaunted, I complete my grocery order at am the only person in the cashier line-up wiping sweat from her brow. I’m wondering how I’m going to manouever this big cart full of stuff through the parking lot – then I get an idea. I ask the cashier for one of those stickers that they put on items to large to bag and try to hold my sandal together that way. I’m pretty pleased with my ingenuity until, of course, the neon orange sticker breaks and my sandal goes flying with me valiantly hanging onto my cart for support – kind of like falling off a treadmill. Gathering up my sandal and my dignity I hobble to the car, load it and go home. Once home – all is well, groceries are unpacked – I splash my face with water  – prepare dinner ahead of time and pour myself a lovely glass of wine that I sip in the backyard while I wait for my husband to come home. He arrives to join me in the garden – tells me all about his day and then pauses as he looks down at my foot and asks me  how my day was….and there it is – a lovely round bruise – the very decorative shape of the round metal ring from my sandal…..Great – I answer – and ask for a sploosh more of wine.


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