What is it with Kids?

June 8, 2011

What is it with kids? They reach young adulthood and suddenly that seems to coincide with parents becoming complete and utter imbeciles. You make a simple request and they look at you as though you’ve just stabbed them in the eye with a hot poker. I am all for respecting my older children and the fact that they are on the verge of adulthood; I mean, they go to school, they hold serious jobs…and yet – unloading the dishwasher seems to be a slap in the face to them. I don’t get it. We look after them, try to make their road easier than the ones we had to travel at that age … in fact,  we cater to them…is that the problem? Do we cater too much? “Oh it’s ok Honey – you don’t need to put your laundry in the hamper…that’s what I’m here for…” Oh my God – maybe that’s been my whole problem. While I have high expectations for their personal success – I must have somehow transmitted low expectations in their being a part of this team we call a family. Well – what the hell was I thinking? I was hoping that by example, they would see what being part of  a team was – being a fair player in a relationship – whatever its dynamics are.

Now that I’ve had a chance to vent (thank you – because you know how hard it is to be heard….sigh…) I will go and do those damned dishes…


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