The Power of Your Words

May 23, 2011

Last week I was feeling a bit bummed out – it was week two of rain, which is not something we are accustomed to where I live – and it was my birthday. Now, birthdays don’t usually bother me – I don’t really care much about the number I’m turning – but somehow mixed in with all the rain – I just felt like now I was seriously getting into yet another decade. So there I was driving home along the highway from doing errand #22 …swish, swish, swish went the wipers as the rain beat down. The sky was gray – the air was gray, the ground was gray – BLAH! Then a song came on the radio and as I hummed along I remembered a very funny bit a friend had done in regards to this song. ..and I felt myself break out into a big smile – then into laughter as I re-lived the joke. Now, this is a friend from work – someone from many years ago – and yet all these years later on this bleak gray day, his funny words came back to me – I am sure he hasn’t thought about it much himself since that time – and he most certainly would have absolutely no idea that it would be having an effect on me. So it left me thinking about the power of our words…we never know how our words will be  used at a later date – how they will be recalled, for good or for bad – and it reminded me to make the effort to take more care not to be so flip at times – and it also gave me some hope  that perhaps there were times when my own words were able to lift someone’s spirits unexpectedly.


One Response to “The Power of Your Words”

  1. nat Says:

    Its funny you mention words.
    i love words, and i think words like no other medium impose themselves in our minds and allow us to view in full color the extent of their power.

    the problem today is that words seem to be given or expressed in print/text/FB and the power is fading.
    I word delivered live is so much more powerful than a written word.
    I agree with you that words conjure up memories, i just think we need to share more words with each other.


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