Summertime and the Living is…

May 23, 2011

Summer is here and you know what that means…Bar-B-Q season….which essentially means that we are now starting to socialize in DAYLIGHT! Yeah yeah yeah – the beauty of it all, I know, I know…but from a vanity point of view – or rather an over Fifty point of view – that means sunscreen followed by make-up primer followed by foundation/concealer….sigh…I miss the low candle-lit evenings of fall and winter. It’s just that I am one of those beyond fair complexioned ladies – I am actually opaque and while my freckles were adorable when I was 15 – they now seem to be kind of growing together in areas  – and I am pretty much past the point of being able to get away with the pig-tail look.Then, for me to finish off my look and being the sweet meat kinda gal that I am – it means spraying a mist of bug repellant and walking through it to prevent an evening of what appears to improv dancing.  I actually had a man comment on my “perfume” – I thanked him and told him it was Off Skintastic  (#5?) for Kids – Melon, I think…

Ahhh Summer…!  😉


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