Gut Feeling

May 14, 2011

You know when you know something? I mean that feeling when you just know it. It’s that unproven certainty at the very core of your being –  your intuition, your gut feeling, that “little voice” or even “second thoughts” are all great ways to describe this sensation. Without a doubt, we all experience this sensation – in fact, if we pay attention (something humans are not known for!) and are even moderately “tuned in” – we experience it daily. As  of late, I have been trying to teach my youngest (who is 10) this concept. Inherently, she knows it and has admitted to feeling it – now we are simply making the effort (for a lesson’s sake) to “label” it. For me – this has been a natural feeling, a normal way to proceed when making a decision….well…except in the late 80s when I ignored that voice and went ahead with the hairdresser’s suggestion to perm and put highlights (or- as they were called then – “streaks!!”) in my hair all at the same time which resulted in a fried carrot top nest that sat on my head for the next year ….

I think what makes listening to that inner voice so difficult is that we know it is RIGHT….and naturally, we just don’t want to go along with it.And you know, that voice, or feeling doesn’t  surface only at decision-making time – it’s always in play – driving ( I knew I should’ve turned left!) at work, in day-to-day connections with people. In fact, sometimes you just feel this tremendous need to get as far away from someone as possible (and quick!)  and other times you feel a wonderful connection, right at hello.

For such a natural reaction it’s amazing to me how much practice it takes…


One Response to “Gut Feeling”

  1. john Says:

    Yes you know it dear.I have that Special feeling the first day I met you.Love ya my wild cherry.john

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