Discount Dismay

May 12, 2011

Ahh yes – I remember it well – Fabulous, Sexy Forty (well actually, I was enormously pregnant and swollen on my fortieth). Then Nifty Fifty – a fun and frivolous celebration, woo – wee! But now I’m about to turn Fifty-one. That’s right….Five – O – One…’s not that another birthday bothers me in any way – it’s just that fifty-one legitimately puts me into the fifties – for real.

Yesterday was a borderline hot spring day and all the high school kids were out on their lunch break, milling about in their short sleeves, eating popsicles and sipping Slurpees and there I was, running errands on our “main street”, wearing my blazer because – you know – it was kinda chilly in the shade! Maybe I was imagining their giggling eyes on me but I most definitely was not imagining the elderly lady in line waiting for the bus…IN A BLAZER! Oh My God….you know what I’m talking about gals! It’s like when you see a much older woman wearing the same “what-you-thought-was-hip” dress/top/jacket as you’re wearing….

Ok – let’s not waster any time – just tell me where to pick up my discount coupon…


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