Pay it Forward

May 6, 2011

I was standing at the counter of a donut shop last week, on my way to work. It had been raining for what feels like forever, so I thought I’d treat the kids to some of those donut-holes. I was waiting to be served and quietly thinking to myself that it was kind of expensive and not really the sort of thing I should be splurging on when I’m on such a tight budget…but the fact that it was still so dark at 8am from the rain reminded me that I needed to bring a little sunshine in. So I ordered a bunch – only vanilla and chocolate (I don’t want to incite a riot with a large variety – they ARE  three-year-olds, after all!). As I watched the girl fill up the little box, a woman stealthily swooped up beside me, plunked down some money and said “It’s Pay it Forward Day.” I whirled around to see who this was and to say thank you but she was gone – I mean, GONE – like she was never there (except I was standing there, holding the money). There was no door slightly swinging shut – no one on the street….wow….

I suddenly felt the sun come out….inside….and it inspired me all week to remember to Pay it Forward. It doesn’t have to be money – it just has to be kindness, thoughtfulness.

So today – instead of some gossipy news, or some sad, negative tale – why don’t you pass this little story along – just by doing that you will be paying it forward and perhaps inspiring others as well as yourself.


One Response to “Pay it Forward”

  1. Nicole Keefler Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely story Connie. It brought tears to my eyes!
    xoxoxxo Nicole

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