I Hate MS

April 20, 2011

I hate MS – but then again, who doesn’t (except for the drug companies)? I hate it for the collective reasons that we all do – but mostly I hate it for what it’s done to my life….that’s right people, you heard me right…MY life. My dearest friend has been kidnapped by MS and while she is doing everything a person can do (and more) MS is still holding her hostage….still no comment on its demands though, which is very unfair because I’d pay – oh I would gladly pay that ransom to free her – at any cost.

It has affected my life in that this beautiful woman is family to us. She is the Auntie and Godmother of my children, she is a confidante extraordinaire, she is a safe haven in any storm and a truly  fabulous giggle partner. We have always shared every birthday (and that’s 7 birthdays between us all) and holiday. We do our own Christmas and Easter brunches which, over time, has come to include my parents and her husband’s mother, as well. I haven’t seen her as much as I would like to…busy at work, busy with my kids..but maybe – just maybe – it’s also some denial on my part. I don’t want to believe that my friend is struggling – albeit bravely. I want to see her usual warm and sunny smile  not the frustration in her eyes as she works so hard to  juggle her good days and bad. I understand her struggle – as best as anyone can – and although I keep quiet about it in order to support her – I am hurting too.

On a very selfish note; MS has highjacked our Easter celebration, robbing my youngest from performing the wonderfully wacky Easter Dance that their uncle created so many years ago (which is painful on the eyes but warm on the heart!). This is in no way due to my friend but rather, the bidding of that cruel abductor. This kidnapper’s cruelest play is that while MS is happy to hold my friend in its grasp – it is not forth coming with its demands for release….we need to find a cure – we need to find a cure for all of these ruthless thieves who rob so many people of their regular lives.

Oh yeah, and by the way, in case I haven’t said it before – I hate MS…


One Response to “I Hate MS”

  1. neisha Says:

    oh Connie, my heart goes out to you and your dear friend. it is so hard to see our loved ones suffer.

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