Time Change Fiasco.

March 27, 2011

Sleepless Night Number Three . Between the impending full moon and the recent time change – I’m checking to see what planet I’m actually on this morning. My oldest daughter went on an over-night trip with her college mates to see an exhibition in Toronto this weekend. They had to meet very early Sunday morning to board their bus – 5:30 in the morning to be exact…which meant 4:30am because of the time change….you know, the old “spring forward.” So my loving and dutiful husband got himself up to drive her there, then arrived home half an hour later and of course, could not go back to sleep. You know how it is in middle age; when you’re up – you’re up.

After we laze around for a couple of hours – oh yeah, you heard me right- I said “laze around” –  because two of our three children were not here – the youngest at a sleepover birthday party, which later goes awry. We decided to have a look a the budget and so some re-jigging as my hours were recently reduced at work. Then, with a mere hour left before we have to go and pick up our youngest daughter – I take a quick look at my roots prior to my shower and decide to color my hair (thank goodness for those new 10 minute procedures – there’s time for me to clean the sink and polish the faucets while I wait). I emerge looking fabulous and with 10 minutes to ourselves, nuke two hot dogs which we wolf down while standing and changing the clocks in the kitchen. Off we go- it’s a half hour drive to pick up our youngest from her party.

The host mom greets us at the door with a sweet smile and tired eyes – I take one look at my ten year olds’s face and I already know what’s coming. The mother tells us that they went to bed at 2am (this in itself is another blog – which will be entitled “Who’s in Charge?). My daughter quickly says her thank you’s and hops in the car – not even strapped in yet – she bursts into tears….these girls were all 12 and she is 10 – need I say more? She brought her stuffed animal to sleep with, like all her other ten year old friends normally do….this did not go over well at the party….among other things. So she is sobbing in the back seat, exhausted and deflated – we are stuck in traffic and my husband is trying to stay awake as he drives. We walk in the door at 4pm and I know that somewhere int he world – anywhere in the world – it’s cocktail hour and so I head straight to the fridge to pour myself a glass of wine. While my daughter is washing her tears away in the shower – I’m throwing together  what had better turn out to be a  fabulous dinner of pasta and homemade sauce. Blah blah blah – another glass of wine later and we are done dinner (and it was fabulous – I’m feeling inspired to buy a lottery ticket now) – time to get her off to bed and put this day to rest. I come downstairs to see my husband dozing in the chair (and this is different from any other evening – how?) and plop down beside him. We both struggle to keep our eyes open through the re-runs for half an hour and finally I say “Come on – let’s just go to bed – we’re exhausted!” He agrees. So we toddle off to bed and as we slip under the comforter, he turns to set the alarm for the next morning…I hear him giggle…”What?” I ask – He tells me it’s 9pm…which means that it’s actually 8pm pre-time change time! 8pm….8pm – and we are going to bed!? What’s next – dinner at 4:30pm!?

And the capper to this story – as yawning and bleary eyed as I am, falling into bed and sinking under the covers I begin to drift off, when I suddenly hear my daughter start to cough and sniffle. If you are a parent – you know what’s coming next. Hours of being continually woken by a now, sick child.

Hours of darkness spent tossing and turning, getting up to get tissues and swipe on the Vick’s, finally turn into morning. There’s no other option here – I am staying home with a sick kid. That’s ok – it is what it is – right? So she’s cuddled up o the couch with a blanket and pillow, tissue box at the ready as I nurse a second cup of coffee. I hear my university aged son get up, and there seems to be a lot of groaning, huffing and puffing going on upstairs. He pounds downstairs after his 30 minutes shower (you heard me right – it doesn’t matter how many times I flush the downstairs toilet – he is stubborn about his long showers) and announces semi-casually that there just aren’t enough frequent buses in our neighbourhood. I’m trying to ignore this – avoiding eye contact as much as possible – but then I slip up and our eyes meet as he he stands in the bathroom with the door open as he brushes his teeth. “Man! I’m going to be late!” (pause) “What a drag – I really wanted to get in early” (pause). Now normally, under different circumstances, I’d give in and offer to make the 15 minutes drive to the subway station….but the thing is – he slept in (after being woken up twice) and took that damn 30 minute shower. So I reply “Hmm – I guess you slept a bit too  long”  – “Hey I was tired – I stayed up late studying!” Ahh – the studying chip – what parent can resist that? – In one word – ME. “Well – I guess it might have been a better idea to go with a shorter shower this morning – eh?” I counter. He says nothing but does give me the puppy dog eyes. I have to look away. There is no way I am going to bundle up a sick kid to drive another kid – pardon me – “legal adult” as he always reminds me – to the subway – when it was all his own doing. He wisely doesn’t press me (he just might be a grown-up after all!) and instead makes a bit of small talk while he eats a breakfast-on-the-go and waits for the next bus.

Now the house is quiet -except for the coughing and sniffling of my youngest child barely heard over the dialogue of Sponge Bob. Lucky her – there’s a marathon of Sponge Bob on TV today. The day continues to pass with the only interruption being my hour long dental appointment to fix one of my three, newly cracked teeth.

I sink down into the chair beside her and figure I’ll relax before I have to make dinner – I have a good hour, anyway. Seconds later I hear my husband come in the door – home early? Nice!…Oh…right – the time change – It’s actually 6 pm…Now, what am I going to make for dinner – FAST?


One Response to “Time Change Fiasco.”

  1. westwood Says:

    Eggs. Always eggs in a pinch.

    Not sleeping makes waking life into a dream.

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