Monkey Stickers

March 27, 2011

Yes – of course your friends can come here to work on your joint science project….I arrive home from work with my daughter at 1pm as we scheduled with parents only to find that 2 of the 3 expected girls are already there (I had made it clear that I work until 12:30pm on Friday – and now am suspecting that they believe I work on the Starship Enterprise and can therefore be beamed home). Fortunately, my older daughter was home. So I drop my bags and slip out of my coat and then shoot down the hall to make my daughter a quick  lunch – which she then eats while standing and discussing the project with her team. They are doing a project on the deterioration of fruit when left out.

I offer them my drawer of stickers -oohs and ahhs ensue – apparently nobody’s mom has a sticker drawer then again, I work with 3 – 5 year old children, plus do artwork/scrapbooking – so I have all kinds of funky drawers!). Of  course,  out of the gazillion stickers I have – I don’t have the kind they are looking for…they need Monkey stickers (monkeys & fruit?)…sigh…alright – I will go over to the Dollar Store  to see if they have monkey stickers…sigh again…they did not – they did have a cool set of mini puzzles with different fruits though – so I get those the kids can can glue them together to make giant stickers. I then go next door to the bank for some cash before taking a quick look at the Staples store. The little number dispenser is broken so we are waiting in a weird line for horizontal line for a teller – an old lady comes up to me and says Am I after you? You sure are, I answer with a smile – she then tells me that she wouldn’t want to push ahead of anyone, but… (was that a question in her voice?) In my head I’m saying – NO Way can I let you ahead Lady! – I have a bunch of 11 year old girls waiting for monkey stickers at my house!

Next store – Monkey Stickers !! (I almost do a little End-Zone dance in the aisle). Now I rush home with my treasure to 4 thrilled little girls who are now chanting “Monkeys, Monkeys, they’re so cute!” and of course there is a lot of giggling…and they DO seem to be getting the work done. Now I have to whip up a snack for these 4 hungry girls – my tried and true chocolate chip cookies , which I had started to make before the whole monkey issue came up. First batch out – the girls are ravenous (is there any other kind of kid? Not when they’re at my house) and very pleased. I hear two of them tell my daughter – Your mom is the coolest mom – EVER!

I smile to myself ….suddenly all that Monkeying around seems worth it.


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