Seventeen Again

March 15, 2011

The other day, an old friend from college posted a sweet, one line sentiment – half in jest – to a comment made on the social network. I replied with an equally sweet quip. It was a most  innocent, brush with flirtation and it made me smile – in fact, I may even have glowed because, for a fleeting moment, in my ever so grow-up life, I was suddenly seventeen again. I could see myself  – young and free – with the whole world at my fingertips, not a serious thought in my head. There I was standing still in the shadow of seventeen, tossing back my  long hair (parted in the middle of course), laughing out loud, dressed in my 70’s style bell-bottom jeans, topped with a flowy shirt that would have been adorned with beads – or worse – feathers!

I have an incredible, beautiful life now – one I cherish, treasure and adore. Darling husband, wonderful children. I wouldn’t dream of trading  a second of today for a sliver of yesterday…but how often do you get the chance to feel seventeen again? It was a sweet moment, a warm gift of a flashback and I was thankful – that’s all.


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