Golden Muffins

March 13, 2011

I stood in the baking aisle of the grocery store and thought I was going to have a seizure. Muffin mix apparently now contains flecks of gold in it….or maybe dehydrated raw crude oil – because it has doubled in price in the last couple of months. What’s up with that? While I don’t agree with the coffee or the fresh produce going up, I guess I can rationalize, while still despising, the price increase as it’s often due to a harsh growing season (we’ll just leave the politics out of this one). But muffin and cake mixes? What kind of an embargo was slapped on those items?  Truth be told – I’m generally old-fashioned about baking – I prefer to do it from scratch. I find all that measuring and mixing kind of relaxing -I mean it’s hard to be stressed out when you have to concentrate on what’s going into your bowl – one screw up and you have a sloppy mess coming out of your oven. So it becomes a kind of Zen-like activity. But as someone who works with kids/has kids/has other peoples’ kids here on a regular basis…sometimes I need to cut corners and whip up a little treat in 20 minutes or less. Hmmm…What to do, what to do? I think I’ll have to try and  find that Betty Crocker chick, so I can complain!


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