Freaky Friday

March 5, 2011

Ahhh Friday….ya gotta love Friday. End of a long week and the beginning of a “do-what-I-want” two day stretch. Ok, what planet did I just fall from? Like so many of you, my Friday consisted of completing  a long week of work and then going (sigh!) home. Now, let’s be clear on one thing here, there’s no such thing as a straight line home when you are a mother. First, I had to pick  up of milk and bread (to tide me over until grocery shopping on Saturday – thereby canceling out the old “do what I want” portion of any weekend!) and of course, there was line up at the grocery store. Nevertheless, I’m done, I’m out , I’m back in the car and ahh – FINALLY On my way home! Oops – no I’m not. What’s that little light on my dash? I have to put on my reading glasses to be sure – and yet the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach knew what it was…Gas Light. Out of gas…sigh…another stop- and this  stop was going to cost me 7 more cents that if I had stopped yesterday.  So, I stop and gas up….oh good, $30 brought my gauge back up to “E”… NOW I’m on my way home. Pull in the driveway and stagger up the stairs carrying the grocery bags, my shoes (it’s winter after all) and my stuff from work, no way am I making a second trip back and forth from the car! Of course I can’t reach my keys but with my elbow I can ring the doorbell…long and hard… the kids are home.

Dump my stuff – put things away (while my kids watch me) – let my bottom hover over a chair while I have a glass of water…and then realize that I need to pick up something to go with dinner plus a gift that I forgot about, which can’t wait because I need to take it with me tonight. So – I slip into my still-warm boots and head over to the strip mall near our home…Now I’m rushing, because I have one hour before my appointment at the bank and still have to feed myself and family. Why do I do this to myself? I pretty much beam myself there and back – blow back in the door- fling dinner on the table – inhale. Then, as I am pulling on m boots yet again, my 20 year old son tells me “Don’t worry Mom – I’ll clear up the dinner stuff.” Sigh…nice….

When I finally get back, I see that the  dishes are still all over the counter (Oh – I see… he meant he’d pile them up for me) and all the food is still in the pans (ah-ha…he meant he’d clear the food off his plate). With the sweep of my arm I clear it all away (oh wouldn’t it be nice if you could really do that?), plunk myself down in the chair and have a bowl of chocolate ice cream, before I fall asleep within the first 10 minutes of the TV show that I wait all week to see. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow- which – come to think of it, is today….better get my grocery list ready!


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