Imperfection is hard to keep up

February 27, 2011

It absolutely exhausting to keep up this fabulous facade of  imperfection. When you are a wife and mother it is amazing how many things you do wrong – or at least how quick everyone is to point that out. Life under the microscope is tight with very little room to breathe. It’s a damned if you do – dammed if you don’t lifestyle. You don’t follow your dreams often enough…that you know for sure – but putting yourself last is …it really is, and yet if anyone had told me this as a twenty-something young woman, ready to take on the world – I would have waved them off, laughed and ordered another drink. Who am I kidding? You get someone else to buy you that drink! (you DO know that I’m winking at you right now -don’t you?).

I remember being revered as so perfect – and that was equally exhausting, I suppose – only I don’t ever remember being tired then. The years have a way of creeping up on you and placing a hood over your head and the next thing you know – you’re in the trunk of a car feeling your way into tomorrow….


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