Where did the Magic go?

February 26, 2011

My heart is breaking – apparently there is an end to the yellow brick road – who knew? I’ve spent years weaving magic for children – partly for them and maybe mostly, for me. I have an array of magic wands that would make any fairy green with envy; puppets that come to life before your eyes and story books that pull you into another world. I love to dance like a fool and make a song out of every possible moment at any given moment. Then there’s my fabulous Magic Ball…I turn out the lights and we sit together, whispering and giggling with anticipation. Then when the children squeeze their eyes shut tight and blow on it – Poof! It goes on, it lights up and glows…then we oooh and ahhh at all of the tiny bubbles in it. I tell them that those are all the wishes that all the different children have made…and now, today – I have suddenly lost sight of my own wish that was supposedly being kept safe in there too. When did making magic for children become so unappreciated and out of fashion? When did the Guardianship of Childhood Magic become a defunct position in this slow revolving universe? Today – apparently it happened today. No one warned me….and now my heart breaks – for the children I know, for the children now grown…and lastly for me, I suppose.


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