Pin the Tail on the Donkey

February 22, 2011

Sometimes I look around and wonder how I got here. Well – that’s not really fair – I damn well know how I got here. The question is more; why is where I started from so far away from where I am now? And I know that lots of you out there are wondering the same thing – maybe the thought suddenly grabs you as you’re brushing your teeth in the morning – or more likely when you hear a song on the radio in the car and it all comes rushing back to you. You probably have to open the window to let some fresh air in and clear your head, because there’s nothing like a song to send you back in time. Suddenly you’re in that restaurant and tasting the food, you hear an old friend’s laughter ring in your ears – as though they were sitting  in the seat beside you…remember tossing your head back and laughing as the wind caught your hair and swirled it around – along with the dreams you were dreaming? You were going to take on the world!

Well – time has a funny way of stealthily moving you around – like Pin the Tail on the Donkey at a birthday party. You’re wearing the blindfold of love and being spun ’round and ’round…then released to move forward, tack in hand…get the tail pinned on the right spot if you want to win! Ahh…. it doesn’t matter – you got close enough. You laugh – you’re having a good time – it’s a great party, after all.

But then – the party’s over. Everyone’s gone home and you’re left picking up paper cups and running after napkins that are about to fly away in the windy backyard…

Flash forward and here you are. all grown up. Your life is good – there’s no denying that. You’re happy, you’re satisfied. Life.Is.Good.

But every once in a while – you hear a song – it takes you back – and you remember that there are still things you meant to do…and you look around and realize that you might not be in the right place anymore…maybe if you close your eyes and ask someone to spin you ’round and ’round and then point you in the right direction….you’ll pin the tail on that donkey.


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